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‘I’ve never seen you before?’ Taxa finally spoke, his voice dripped acid, lethal. Bane rolled his eyes at Taxa but I saw a challenging glance in...return which caused Bane to straighten up. Nervously, Bane sleeked his hair back and mirrored Taxa, arms tight across his chest. Now both of them seemed to engulf me with their size and physical domination. ‘So what’s your deal? Why are you hanging out with Gaelen?’ Bane’s nose turned up and crinkled. ‘Are you just another women trying to make a name. This was the most magical event of my life.It so deserved better than that. Our first words should have been so monumental that the universe would stop to hear them. But thank you is what they were and forever will be. ‘my name is Jasmine,I live over the way from you,but you know that don’t you’ The grin on her face was devilish and cute. The blush was back and i lowered my head. ‘here it comes’,I thought and tried to prepare myself for the deluge that was to come. Instead she walked over to me. It is the life I have to lead, I am afraid, but I am happy with the opportunities Tyr has given me.”“You will get the chance, my friend,” I stated as I grasped his shoulder. “I will give you what I collect that can be used for smithing and you will turn it into something that I can use. When I am asked, I will make sure that people know you were the one who made them. Where I come from, word of mouth can be a powerful force in building up popularity in a craftsman. Given time, I’m confident you. I adored reading though, as well as the ladies. I say ladies when in reality there is only one for me: Sarah. Sarah was slim and athletic, as well as clever. She was vibrant and bubbly and was always up for a laugh. Her skin was always tanned and her smile could light up a room and talking to her always made me happy, even in the darkest of times. All the boys wanted her. I first knew that I liked her in our History class two years ago and my feelings have only grown. I don’t stand a chance.

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