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" Oh, I'll bet you did" Sam is really excited now, enjoying licking her young employee's nipples while she fingers her sweet pussy, and from hearing coming out of Laura. She has to know more; "Then what did she do?"Laura pauses again, then answers, "She was sucking my nipples until they felt like they were burning while she made me move up and down on her ... cock ... ohhhhh god I'm coming!" This orgasm is a rather intense one; Laura is shaking all over the counter, the fingers still. Story begins…………Mai humesa se he mature aurato ko pasand karta hu ku ke mai mature auroto mai he bada hua hu.Meri ghar mai hum teen log rehte ha mai,maa(43),mousi(39).Baba humesa he bahar rehte the kaam ke wajese.Jawan hote he maa mujhme physically&mentally change dekh liya tha.Chote umar se he mai mousi ko man he man mai chata tha aur unhe apna banana chata tha.Mousi ka figure tha 40-32-38.Unka (,)(,) boobs bohot he luvabne the,uuuummmmmmaaaaaahhhhhhhhh,kya gora rang,kya fugure aur belly pe. He then pulled me close and wouldn’t let me go, trying to kiss me telling me he knew what a big girl like me wanted and that he was going to give it to me. I slapped him and told him there was no way in hell I would sleep with him and to get in a cab and go home. He stood there shocked as I walked off. My way home went I had to duck down the side of the pub and then out onto the street a block down. As I was walking down the lane I heard foot steps and turned to see Cal following me, I knew. I lubed him up well once more with my wet mouth before he turned me round and spread my legs wide. The top half of my body fell forwards and my head rested on the seat as he sank his cock into my male pussy. I breathed heavily as he filled me, in and out getting faster and faster holding onto my hips tightly whilst I wriggled and groaned out load. His cock pounded my cheeks for a good 3 or 4 minutes before I finally felt him start to tremble and shoot his load. A few seconds later he pulled it.

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