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Did you find what you are searching for?”She said “No” with a bit depressing voice like she lost a fortune.I asked “What are you looking for? ...aybe I can search in around home tomorrow?”I said “Naa, It is kind of very valuable personal thing of mine. I kept it in somewhere, I just don’t know where.”I am feeling very nervous as I am about to say I know what she was looking for. I am deciding in my mind should I tell her or not. What will be her reaction after hearing I took her vibrator? I saw. Boyd does it – this will change the future of civilization. I know my old boss will want to have The Big Man with him also, once I explain what I’ve witnessed today.”“I was thinking the same thing Kendra. Boyd’s ability to fly is a mere sampling of the things we have to discuss. We need to be sure there are no attempts by the FBI, CIA or military to take over anything we show them ... Can your man be trusted?”“Yes! He will make sure the right people are contacted and he will more than likely. You're making it hard for me ... sorry, I didn't mean it that way," she said, giggling.I played my last card. "What if I get Kelley to say its okay?" There's still Mel," she countered."We'll talk to him, too," I offered, and heard Megan sigh."When I think of what you and Kelley have, there's real trust between you, it makes me ... I don't know ... I just don't know. Do you know what I mean, Sammy?"I heard it in her voice. She was questioning the relationship she and Mel had built. Who was I to. It’sreally not alcoholic at all, you know. Just a sweet,syrupy drink.”When our tea was ready I served it and with tremblinghands I poured out a stiff little drink of brandy cordialfor each of us. He tasted it and made an awful face — Ihad to laugh.“What is it, mum? I think it’s gone bad.”“Oh no,” I laughed. “That’s just the way it tastes. Butit’s sweet, too — try another sip, you’ll see.”He took another doubtful.

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