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” Lisa got up on the table behind me and Linda started munching on her pussy. I started to take more and more of Linda’s cock in and could feel it...growing where I could feel it starting to make me gag. Pretty soon I heard Linda start to grunt as she started to fill my mouth with her warm salty cum. Judy said, “wow, I can’t believe you fit that much in.” and laughed. She turned to Lisa and Linda, “so how was he?” They both laughed and said, “you were right. A useless dick but a good tongue. How. I was so confused. I knew it was wrong, but the idea of my children fucking each other turned me on.Then I hit on the idea of talking to Lisa. First, even though I hadn’t known her for long, I felt I could trust her. Second, she had kids the same age, and third, she was so much more experienced than I when it came to sexual matters. She probably wouldn’t know what to do either, but just talking the problem out with her would help me figure things out. So at nine-thirty I walked back over to the. Hours latter at the Royal compound of Project God’s Eye, Prince Sultan was brought before his Father the King.“My Father what have I done to warrant such disrespect, being pulled out of my favorite concubine’s bed and dragged here in the dead of night My Father.” Sultan complained.“You are favored my son. Are you not in charge of my Intelligence Service My Son. Did you not enter the heavens in one of the American Infidels flying ships. I need your full attention on what I have discovered My. In addition to my regular five, we had picked up another rider: Melinda’s twenty-year-old sister, Melody. Apparently, Melinda and Melody’s mother had liked names that started with ‘Mel’! Melody was a junior at Oregon State University and now that she was on summer break she had returned, like the swallows and college students since the beginning of time, home for the summer and could ride with us. Melody was as beautiful as Melinda, but in a tighter, taller package. She had the same strawberry.

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