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My real life is wierd enough, I want to enjoy sex, and I will just stop posting ( actually, that is why I am seldom online, I just don’t need that c...ap). If you are an administrator and want to ban me, go for it. Anyway, read my story, who could make this kind of stuff up?As background, I should say I grew up in Appalachia, mostly in the hills of Kentucky, not exactly a hotbed of liberal sexual attitudes, so everything I knew about sex I had found out by myself. I believe that I was 13 the. She was moaning and groaning then she begain to shake. She had her first orgasm and he continued for sbout five more min. He stood up and started to get undressed and she layed there and watched getting more wxcited with each item removed. He dropped his noxers and she let out a moan. He was atleast 9 inches and thick. He climbed on the bed and she started to suck his cock and get him fully hard. He would moan and groan and tell her how good it felt she sucked him long and hard. The look in her. Jay had a wardrobe mistress, Agatha, who gaily fussed over him. She arrayed him in lacy brushed cotton underwear and white silk stockings. A skilled cosmetician, she painted his face with deft, delicate strokes, finally standing back to admire her handiwork. She smiled in triumph. Then she took down the gown from the rack of sensuous dresses. Excitedly, she lowered it over his slim, corseted frame. It was gorgeous. Light blue silk and satin, embroidered at the front, puff sleeves, and. The violet's good. It matches your eyes. Don't go with green. It'll clash." He studied her pretty face. "You can try yellow or blue. That would compliment nicely." But I like green," Sarah said."Green is okay for Christmas or St. Patrick's Day, but normally it'll work against your natural coloring." I don't HAVE any natural coloring. I'm albino."Joey gave Jeff a curious stare. "How did you get so fashion conscious?"Jeff startled, and opened his mouth to answer. "Well..." he paused. "It's not.

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