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“Me too,” another agreed, “My Crucifix is all rough and.”“Dear lord do I have a flock of harlots,” The Mother Superior sighed, “Very wel..., you may use the infirmary for your examinations.”“Mine worked themselves out,” one nun admitted.“And mine,” another one agreed.“Mine are very painful,” another nun admitted, “Would you mind examining me?”“Do your worst,” The Mother Superior agreed and she strode away quite angrily.The affected nun was called Sister Martha, she was only about twenty years of. We have reservations for dinner at 7:30, movie starts at 9:30.Sorry it took so long.** I liked that she had took it upon herself toorganize the night but was upset she hadn't sent a picture. I close downthe text and see that there's another, with my phone on silent, I missedthe incoming text.The image is what awaits me when I get home from work in about an hourand I feel like one of the luckiest men alive. I stare at it forminutes, wanting to go into the bathroom stall and jack off to. The fact that her best friend wanted her son was a stunning revelation in itself, but her remarks, about ‘more than just a Mother’s love’ reverberated in her soul. She had stripped naked, and reached for her silver bullet. As she brought herself to several orgasms she wondered what it would be like, him, naked, lying with her, the feel of his manhood penetrating deep inside her, the taste of him in her mouth, the thought that he might want to tantalize her garden with his tongue. Her orgasmic. I started to slowly move my crotch against her hip. A couple of minutes later she picked up her head."Uhh that feels great, it really feels better now. Can you do me a favor and do my shoulders? Because they really need it" she asked me. I started to massage her shoulder but it all of a sudden became clear that i wasn't making much progress with her shirt bunched up around her shoulders. It was then that I asked her if I could take off her shirt so I had better access to her shoulders. She.

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