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“I’ll try not to go too fast after all we don’t want this this thing going off accidentally”. She reached over to the table and grabs the loti...n off the it and squeezed some into her hand before resuming her stroking. “ok where was I? Ok yeah, so over the next 2 weeks my boyfriend and I ended up in his friends basement almost every day. They both were enjoying our new found play. So much so that they felt it ok to bring along other friends. The first time my boyfriend brought a new guy into. I have to call Barb. Now go!"All three mothers[yes, Amy thought of Barb as a second mother now]converged on us that weekend.Plans were made, details discussed. I tried to contribute but got shut down pretty fast."Do I get any say at all in this?"Four female voices responded as one. "NO!"Then Barb smiled and said "Now ladies, you know that's not strictly true. He does get to say 'I do'."She patted my hand. "Run along, Jimmy, we've got this."I did what any good general does when he finds himself. Here she was lying in the bathtub completely naked and rubbing her pussy with me sitting on the toilet refreshing my fingers with the remnants of was left on my pussy before licking my fingers again.She came quickly, and the look on her face was amazing. I know why Nathan just looks at me when he makes me cum. I came again just from watching her rub her pussy.Then she shocked me. She asked me if I would like to try it straight from the source. I knew what she was talking about and before I. He was also delighted that Susan was wearing no knickers, a request Sean made before he left her that afternoon. Garry caught one of these touching ups and wondered if Sean had something else planned for Susan. During one of the karaoke songs sometime after midnight Sean leaned over to Susan and whispered “In five minutes go outside for a smoke” then he got up and wandered across the room. He stopped briefly to talk to two other men then all three left via the back door, the door that.

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