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I laughed and said no, I'm going to take you out for lunch if you're hungry. I leaned over and buried my lips in her neck and smelled her clean intox...cating smell. She didn't pull away. I said Kana, you're not going to be cooking or cleaning or working for a while. Just school and fun, okay? She smiled and nodded and we went to a burger place for lunch. We sat across from each other. She said she had rarely had any burgers or red meat. And not very many caffeinated, carbonated. The express lane was not open so I took a position, third in line, and began the wait. A woman had a huge cart full of items and as I waited I immediately noticed the early 20 something checker.She was delightfully chubby, not fat, but just a bit of meat on her bones. Her pale skin was contrasted by her red hair (eye brows as well) and the vibrant red shirt. Unlike all the other checkers working on their lanes, she was wearing a top that was not your typical cotton knit shirt. It was thin and. I decided to go there as it had been very quiet and human companionship seemed like a good idea.When I arrived, all those there were on their adult treks from their homes and had come here from the southwest and a few from the northwest. I was the only one from Tex but I had traveled farther than anyone else.I met a group of four women and two men from Salt Lake south of Yellowstone. They described the area of their home as being close to a lake of salt water. The only salt water I had ever. With the weekend, there'll have been snowmobiles out, and the trail ought to be packed pretty good." That's kind of long," Mike said. "We'd have to hustle if we want to make it back by dark." Why not take our time, and make it another camping trip?" Mark said. "If you want to camp in the winter, then this ought to be a pretty good night for it." Sounds good," Mike said. "I'll see if Kirsten has any plans for me. I'll get back with you."Kirsten was in the kitchen, feeding Susan. Susan was eating.

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