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It's taken me the most time to get used to my voice. It's just crazy todescribe but when we talk, you'll better understand. It's like Isurprise myse...f every time I open my mouth, like there is someone elsespeaking through me. I can't even make myself speak in a low voice, butthe upside is I can sing all the high parts to songs! ;-) Not muchconsolation, I guess.As for my appearance, Kristina, Dr. Therapon, has been really helpful tome. First, we went shopping for clothes that actually fit. .... he took little encouragement before he was fucking my mouth ............he held my head as he thrust his cock deep inside in and out as I sucked and gripped it as best I could whilst Graeme was bringing me to the edge of orgasm with every suck and lick.......... It was Paul who came first he took his cock out of my mouth and whispered to me I’m gonna cum , I just looked him in the eye and said in my mouth .............and without further invitation he eased it into my beckoning mouth and. She just wanted him to get a car that didn’t break all the time, and to help her around the house once in awhile. Bob eased the car into the driveway behind the VW. “Hey, Jackson! You’ve got company,” he called cheerily. As George slid out from under the car, Bob said, “Look what I found down the road a piece.” George stood up, blinking in the glare of the sunlight. “I cleaned the living room and kitchen,” he said. “And I bought a mousetrap.” “Just ONE??” Isolde exclaimed. “You’re gonna get. The slut and my ex friend put paid to that. I sort of targeted married women to fuck, and i must say I was more than successful. I had a neighbour who was a bit of a no all, Timmy he was called. Successful in business but still a grade A dick. His wife was 6 years older than me at 39 and was then what is known as a milf. He annoyed me one day about parking. Then kept winding me up about really trivial things. So, I decided to fuck his wife. Over six months I really worked a number on her. I.

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