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"I guess we should. Come on over here with me," she told Arthur. They approached the bed. "Arthur, it takes a man and a woman to make a baby. A man ha... to inject stuff called sperm into a woman. The sperm has to meet up with a teeny tiny egg made by a woman. It has to meet the egg in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. If the sperm meets the egg at the right time, then the egg moves into the woman's womb, which is in her tummy, and the egg grows into a baby. It takes nine months. Lynn looked so hot in her blue dress with her blonde hair shining under the soft lights. Yet, my mind seemed to be elsewhere. Our number ended in a far less dramatic fashion than that of Ron and Jill. We made our way off to the side and stood there watching the other dancers. After every couple did their solo thing in the middle of the floor, it once again became a bit of a free for all. The progression of time combined with the open bar was making for somewhat of a real party atmosphere. Lynn. We told them to take off all their clothes. "It's sex education time." They looked at us funny and I told them again "take it all off and stand here in front of each other naked. We are going to make sure you are never embarrassed again by a conversation like this." Shyly, Linda started peeling off her T shirt, Bobby undid his belt. When they had gotten to their underwear, we saw both of them try to cover up their genitals from the other. "Come on now, you both admitted to seeing each other. "While we're here I have to warn you guys about something. There isabsolutely no sneaking into the girls' cabins at night, no exceptionsguys." Some snickering was heard in the crowd."Geez, can these guys be any more stereotypical?" thought Jack. Theyseemed just like the kids that picked on him at school. Athletic kids,intelligent or otherwise, who were sexually active and only cared abouthot girls and people like them. He couldn't believe...."Aaah!!" said Jack as he slipped on the dock,.

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