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She was some passionate woman alright and I guess she had been holding it back for so very long, and having the opportunity with me to just let hersel... go was perfection for her.That is what she said afterwards anyway and I said I was glad to be of service.After the second bout of sex on the sofa oral wise, I guessed maybe she would want to go further, but like she read my mind, she told me that was not required, that I had been good enough to please her so very much already and she would not. She sure as hell didn’t want Tyrese coming anywhere near her with that monster cock of his! Well, she was about to see firsthand what it was going to do to her mother!The sight and sound of the 13 year old experiencing her first orgasm made Freddie go wild. He started slamming into Jill harder and faster now. “You like that mami! You like that Mexican dick up inside you! Ugh, ugh, ugh! I’m gonna cum inside you mami! I’m gonna send all my little Mexican babies up inside your white belly!” Jill. ”He squeezed me and kissed the back of my head and that was the last I remember until I woke up the following morning.Tommy was still holding me in the morning, I could feel his breath on the back of my head. Moving my head a little, it felt like he had his face buried in my hair. How could I have missed all the signs? I had not felt this loved in so long, even asleep Tommy had held onto me. If my brother could be this loving, my lover should be at the very least the same. Neither my husband. He shifted back to her face to record the agony evident there as she endured the vicious gang rape. Bobbie's face was turned toward the camera, allowing it to film the tears streaking down her cum stained face and record the silent screams now pouring from her mouth.By now, Bobbie had lost count of the times they had fucked her. Her pussy was one solid mass of pain from the pounding she had received. Nor did it recede as man after man fucked her. Instead, the pain built with each new attacker..

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