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All subjects continue to do well, remaining deep in trance and at the edge of orgasm." Dr. Tiniski rubbed her thighs together at that word. The white ...ab coat -- her only garment besides her own leather collar and brand -- seemed to feel warmer than usual. She looked up at the kneeling slaves, arranged in six rows of six slaves each. "The minimal cereal and fruit diet has proven sufficient to sustain them during the conditioning process, leaving their bodies dependant and their minds weakened. Her hand caressing over my breast, followed slowly and sensually by her mouth. Her fingers slowly pull back the lace cup, exposing my breast, before closing her lips over my breast, rolling her tongue round my sensitive erect nipple. My fingers play with her beautiful hair, pulling her gently into my chest. You watch in amazement as your girl friend slowly moves from one breast to the other, licking and sucking me into her warm velvet mouth, as she runs her fingers over the waist band of my. She slapped my cock and yelled what a waste.I told her it was very necessary so I could last long for the next round. She got of the 69 position and turned around still on me and began to kiss me with her cum filled lips while she rubbed her pussy on my flaccid cock which began to stir slowly. Once it was hard she guided it in and began to ride me bouncing up in down in a frenzy making her small tits jiggle. She went on for a while till I felt she was tired and so I threw her on her back knelt. Greenbaum said with a wide smirk on his face, ‘to help us expand the scope of the business.’ ‘Doctor?’ He can’t be more than twenty nine or thirty, and as for expanding the business, wasn’t I doing that already?’ I’ll give him this, for a man he’s quite good looking, but his looks don’t fool me, I know what’s lurking under that exterior. I’ve seen him looking at me like a lot of men do, and just as with the other men I’ll ignore his gaze unless he starts making suggestive remarks, then I’ll.

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