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She must have D cup breasts. Like linn she was also wearing a sleeveless shirt and a skirt. Both of them had big bags hanging over their shoulder. I i...vited them in and Mark offered them coffee. While drinking coffee we joked about the drunken nights we had spent together.Then out of the blue Linn dared me, she was always like that, "Alex you always think of your self as well built, and you promised me a strip. So I dare you to sunbath naked when we get to the dunes."Baffled I couldn’t say. First he licked my clit and dug his tongue into my wet snatch then he sucked hard on my nub bringing me to a strong orgasm. He sucked and finger fucked me to a second orgasm and then got between my legs and slid into me. I was wet and very ready. The upward curve of his manhood caused him to rub in some very good places and I found myself quickly coming. After probably ten minutes and a couple more orgasms he filled me with a big load of hot man juice. Without thinking or asking I went down and. Smiling back at David, Ann knew that in spite of the cold hard inhospitable snowy landscape that was Alaska, the brief four-month episode she and David had shared together would remain the happiest time of her life.David, she thought, as she smiled warmly into his handsome face, you complete me.Moving languidly against each other's warm body, they shared a long passionate kiss. David even just waking up couldn't resist inserting his warm knee between Ann's warm sexy thighs.Ann felt a quickening. It was a small rented shop and my business was very good. I had specialized in ladies blouse stitching and was getting customers from far off places as my name was quite famous in the nearby suburbs of Thane, Nahur and Bhandup. I was staying with my aged mother, wife two brothers and one sister in a small one room apartment at Neelam Nagar. Though I was married for ten years I had no kids.As my job was mostly standing while cutting the dress or sitting on the sewing machine and was not getting.

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