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Mark passed out around midnight and Beth and I retired to our bedroom shortly thereafter. When I woke up the next morning I felt a little hung over bu... I hopped into the shower and got ready for work. After getting dressed I walked into the bedroom to kiss Beth goodbye and I was stunned to see Mark under the covers with her. I knew she was stark naked under there so I asked him what he was doing and he said, "I'm waiting for you to go to work so I can fuck Beth all day." I was absolutely. .. I add you. I'm not seeking a million friends but things can snowball fast. I don't know how many friends I have on here but I have added them all because I saw something on their profile I like, maybe a video I saw and I'll try to add the person that posted it if they not tripping. I figure if you post a pic or vid you WANT it to be seen. there are all kind of sites where you can out a vid or pic on and limit who can see it. That is not this place. I don't think. This is the most human sites. Upon checking my e-mails I came across a message from my secret lover asking for me to convene at noon in our usual place. I quickly felt my heart start to gallop and my body twinge for his touch, the touch I hadn’t been able to feel for a few weeks. Just the thought that I would be standing before him soon put my body in the first stage of ecstasy; I could feel my pussy beginning to get damp and pulsate. Swiftly I proceeded to get dressed and anticipate his call watching the clock like. Now she was slowly massaging both her breasts with her hands dreaming about my penis to work its way into her vagina.“Are you ready Akka?” Anandhi asked her.“I don’t know what to say… I’m afraid to do this, but still want to do this… I could feel my heart beating hard.” Janaki said.“Ohh… Come on… Be bold and help him. He is still a person new to do it.” Anandhi coaxed her.“Ok.” Janaki acknowledged.Then Anandhi moved to one end of her large bed leaving us alone and at the same time providing.

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