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He had barely survived the first of those, surgeries, hemorrhaging badly directly from his heart for around 18 hours following the surgery. He survive... only due to the use of a heart/lung bypass ‘ECMO’ machine that day – and then for 5 subsequent and tension-filled days more – together with constant blood infusions to make up for the blood volume losses while his heart still bled from the site of the surgical trauma. Ryan’s ‘toughness’ over those first 18 hours, and then the succeeding 5 days. Jaq got Greg to lay on his back and sat over his face, Greg put his tongue out and tasted a freshly fucked pussy for the first time. It sure looked like Greg liked it as he lapped at her cummy pussy until Jaq had her first orgasm.We chatted to Greg about his experience and he admitted that he had found it a very horny experience.Greg was not aware that Jaq had a craving to be cleaned after she had been fucked but he was soon to find out. Jaq had invited three male friends to come over later. Light comes from the gap under the closed door of my daughters bedroom. My daughter is having a sleep over with a few friends I hear quiet giggling. I head down the hall to the kitchen, pour a glass of water, and head out on to the patio to enjoy a quiet moment under the stars. I sit in a deck chair. The sky is full of stars. Living in the countryside there is very little light pollution. After a while I fall asleep.I am dreaming of my tall lithe MILF secretary in her sexy lingerie strutting. Not a better way to fall asleep.Waking up however was a very different story. I was bound with each limp attached to a post. My sister had tied me up in my sleep! I try to examine for a way to get my freedom but find nothing and right then Stephanie walks into the doorway. Black corset, black stilettos, whip and blo-od red lipstick. I was aroused but also very concerned. Stephanie walked in slowly and dramatically smacking her hand with the whip."... what's going on?" I asked."NO TALKING!!".

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