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Here is a little description about me I am 5" 11 brown golden eyes with short brown hair almost military cut. I am 200 lbs work as a full time mechani... since I was 16 after I graduated from high school. Now at 18 I look half decent, nice smile and can get any women I want problem is I am shy and awkward around women. Back to my story as I made my way through the lobby, I heard my name being call " Tony, Tony over here". As I turned I knew at that moment their was a god and here was one of her. . it couldn't be seen but it wasn't raining inside it. Missy's oldest brother, Andrzej, "Call me Andy," Kaulocamloes leapt from his wagon and flattened the pirate. The best that could be said for the rest of the pirate crew is that they were on the receiving end of several tons of wagons and horses."Pa'pa," Vivienne cried. Disregarding the mud ... and not a few road-apples ... she flung herself on his recumbent form ... dislodging her mother who was attempting the stem the flow of. Jab bhi koi hasi ka scene aata hen she taps on my thigh… Mujhe tab kuch aisa mehsus nahi huya… But dheere dheere wo har sunday mere pass beth kar hi tv dekhti aur baatein karti thi…. Ek din mera mobile kho gya, mein usse dhoondh raha par naa mila…. Meine Sunita se pucha to wo boli dhoondh lo… Mil gya to le lena….. Fir mere kafi behas ke baad usne apne kurte mein se mera mobile nikala aur boli kyun garam hai na and i said haan,,, wo boli yahan bahut garmahat hain. Then i was getting some. On a Thursday night so I quickly answered the phone “ Hello Carter residence how can I help you this is Micah Jr.?” I asked. “ Yes may I speak with Mrs Carter this Trooper Sullivan” I am thinking to myself why are the cops calling I was wondering if there was another shooting my Dad work for the Postal Service. I replied “This is her son she is sleeping sir what is this about?” The trooper in turn told me my father was involved in an accident and was in the hospital. So I went and work her and.

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