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When she lost patience and couldn’t wait any longer, she pushed my head down towards her legs. Settling between her thighs I gazed at the joy that a...aited me. I could see a slight glisten to the innermost folds of her lips already.I kissed her soft warm skin just above her clitoral hood, then slowly kissed my way down the crease between one thigh and her lips, across her perineum with my nose barely grazing her waiting lips, then kissed my way back up the other side. She moaned softly.“Stop. She got up and knelt down. Then she pulled the drawer completely out of the desk. There was a second compartment at the back which contained a small pile of neatly folded underwear and a book with a lock. Florence briefly looked at the underthings. They were quite sexy, and so old that the elastic had gone brittle, when she pulled, she could hear it break. They must have belonged to a different time of life. She had done all the washing for as long as she could remember, and her mother’s. As I held it in my hand I marveled at the sizeand thickness of it. my fingers couldn't reach around it and the length went from my collar bone to the top of my head. He looked at me and said, your cousin said he wanted to see you get fucked by a big cock, what do you think? is this big enough? I said I don't know if I can take that horse dick in my ass. He looked at me and said, OH yes you will. He grabbed me by the back of the neck and forced my head down to the carpet with my ass sticking up. Donald feels himself wetting his trousers with precum already.Emma makes him suck on her for almost twenty minutes, helping Donald to get in the headspace for what is to come. Donald enjoys how Emma changes things and the timing every time they do this, so he is unsure when and what will come next. Finally, she tells him to stand up and get the rubbers. As he turns to do so, he feels hands come around his waist to rub his hard cock through his pants. Donald knows the wet spot has been felt..

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