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We were diving into the pool before the adults had even entered the villa. We found footballs and Frisbees and for a couple of hours we had the pool t... ourselves. When the adults came to join us I noticed the men were wearing very tight Speedo trunks and the girls were in bikinis. I thought the men looked ridiculous and the women very attractive.For the next few days Simon and I got into a routine. Sleep late, go to the beach and ogle the girls, and return to the villa for a late swim before we. It was sort of nice, being out for a night on the town with a girlfriend. Well, acquaintance."We aren't being followed," she commented at one point after I'd looked behind for about the hundredth time. "I've been watching, and I'd know." This is it," Cammy finally told me, standing in front of a little walk-up duplex. "Just don't say too much, okay?" I'll be good, I promise." I gave her a quick hug since she seemed a little nervous, and we walked up onto the porch."Mommy!" screamed a little. She racked her brains as to what she could do with her, and was convinced she’d found a solution when she saw an advertisement in the local newspaper announcing that her friend Honore L’Oeuf was visiting the city. She felt sure that Innocence would get on well with her authoress friend with the massive 80 inch bust. So when Twelve had at last returned mid-afternoon from a long night out in the night-clubs with Twenty and several other friends, her eyes bleary, her crotch dripping with semen. I guess I should provide some background to allow some understanding of how I arrived at my current situation. Things began normally enough. I met my wife Victoria (nicknamed “V”) halfway through college, and we seemed to hit it off great. We were inseparable the final two years of school. While we occasionally indulged in sex, it wasn’t something our lives together really revolved around. While I did enjoy sex, V seemed to have a take it or leave it approach. Perhaps V didn’t really see much.

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