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" I said sexily. Mike got up off the chair and came over to me, kneeling between my spread thighs. He leaned down and kissed me tenderly. I snaked my ...and between us and guided his cock into my horny pussy. The tenderness ended with the kiss. Mike began to shove himself into my aching twat with rough, hard strokes. Every stroke seemed to go in deeper and deeper. I felt him bottom out in me and still he kept feeding my pussy more of his long thick shaft. I urged him on saying, " that's it. After they were caught a couple of times by the staff, a "Do Not Disturb" sign was added to his room's door knob.To Judith and Percy it was like a second honeymoon with an adjustable bed.For the hospital staff it was a win, win. Judith smiled all the time for the entire week and left them alone. It was rumored that because she was there and the kitchen staff could not determine which meal was going to be hers, all the food served improved.Percy really didn't believe that rumor, but the hospital. .. gaily."Mister Fuller. Ted had no idea who I was when I chartered Serendipity. He knew I had some money, certainly, the sort of savings a careful nurse might accumulate by living at home and spending very little. Sufficient to pay to charter a yacht for up to six months before going back to live at home to look after my baby." You're pregnant? Captain Quinton?"Grace laid a hand on my arm and I swallowed what I was going to say."The baby is not Ted's, but he's promised he will be a father to. My cock instantly got hard, though. I loved the rare times she just took control, and the surprise was a huge turn on!?When did you get this?? I asked.?Well, let me tell you a story,? she began, slowly walking around in front of me, ?I saw some stuff online that suddenly got me interested in controlling your balls. Actually, ? She turned around sharply and looked down at me, ?it made me more interested in cutting them off!??Huh?? was my lame reply.She paced over to the dresser and lifted a.

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