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”“Very good, General,” Sergey says, taking the general’s hand and shaking it vigorously. “You have made a good choice.”­----Sergey leaves...Wei’s office, taking a detour to the restroom before leaving the building. As he uses the urinal, he hears the door open. There isn’t any sound of movement or noise, causing the man to bring up his guard. But instead of spinning around in defense, he takes his time and finishes up before turning slowly to face his attacker. To his surprise though, the room is. My first instinct was to try to begin defusing the encounter with humor. “Ladies, ladies,” I said, “let’s not get in a snit already about who’s going to win the hockey game.” I wasn’t surprised when it went nowhere. “This isn’t about the game, dumb ass,” said Danielle. “This bitch was fuck-dancing with Keith last night. Shit! You saw more of it than I did.” Sandrine fired right back. “Hey, we were just dancing and having a little fun. Everybody flirts a little bit.” From Sandrine’s tone I could. Perfect, this will do nicely.She went over to her mirror and watched herself slowly slide of her black lace thong, letting it drop silently to the floor. Next she slid off her skirt slowly, loving her tanned black legs and smooth waxed pussy that she could feel getting wet. Next was her favorite part. She turned around and looked back at herself as she unzipped her shirt and pulled it over her head, shaking her hair sexily about her and getting a good look at her perfect little round ass. Her. He works in some company as sales representative and is mostly on tours. Sunita (name changed) is around 27 years old, very fair and about 5ft 6inches in height. She has big boobs and ass. She is very sexy looking women, her long hair come up to her waist, her lips are juicy from which white teeth sparkle when she smiles.She is really a very beautiful women, whom any guy would wish to fuck. I wanted to put my dick in her pussy from the first day she came to live in our house, but so far did not.

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