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I feel her throat swallow these down, then she tilts her head back, opens her mouth wide and presses my throbbing prick against her extended tongue. L...oking down through the haze of my own ecstasy, I see another salvo of cum shoot from my cock and hit the roof of her mouth. Talia is delighted by the feeling of her mouth being filled with my spermy discharge. She loves to make me cum and prides herself in making me shoot hard and in large amounts. My cock pulses again with another spurt, but now. I couldn't help but get turned on, as I had been thinking about my brother in new ways lately.I continued my masturbation, pretending it was my brother that was doing it. I had had sex a few times before, and given blow-jobs, but I knew I wanted my brother badly. I got dried off and got dressed again, and made my way to the living room.Jason, my brother, was sitting on the couch watching tv. He said he was sorry, that he was only kidding around. I asked him if he enjoyed the view, and he just. Au début, j’ai cru à une maladresse, mais la pression des doigts de l’inconnu se faisait de plus en plus franche et commençait à s'insinuer dans la raie de mes fesses. J'ai voulu me retourner vers l’importun mais serrés comme nous l'étions, je ne pouvais pas trop bouger. J'ai juste pu voir qu'il s'agissait d'un jeune homme noir. Quand j’ai voulu, d’un air sévère, retirer sa main, il a ricané. Puis il a reposé sa main d’autorité sur mon cul. Je ne sais pas si c'est par peur ou par curiosité mais. That is uncle’s son and my cousin Vijay is also in business and uncle taught him well. He is fourteen years older than me and used to share the room with me till he got married. He told me later that, like any guy who slept in same room with a girl, he too had dirty thoughts about me. I always knew that some nights, he used to touch me. Thankfully, he began touching me after uncle started teaching me about sex and stuff. Otherwise, I would have been scared but since I knew what Vijay wanted. I.

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