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Finally I pull off her saree and she stand there facing me in her Blouse covered heaving Breasts and petticoat (above her Navel) around her waist, whi...e she covered face with Fingers and breathing heavily and feeling too shy. I stood there for some time enjoying and feasting my Eyes with her semi naked body.I quickly hugged her and started to kiss her fingers and licking them like a animal and she was surprised with such sudden movement and she too quickly remove her fingers to kiss me. We now. I see her sandals outside the same flat and keep waiting for her. This time she gets done in like 5 minutes and gets out. I just throw the condom and wait for her again. She is getting out alone and I see her coming out towards the stairs.I’m nervous at this time and my heart is beating fast. I see her sitting on the stairs and that’s when I go down towards acting like I’m looking for something. By the time I reached her, she had already seen the condom. She was holding it in her hand. I go. I lived off a main road in a cul-de-sac, so I thought it best to ask him to drop me off on the main road. As he pulled over, he reached across me and opened his glove compartment to reveal a taxi metre. I had no idea I had got into a taxi and I was pretty sure he had no taxi signs on his car. Looking back now, I’m confident he wasn’t a taxi driver, this was just a scam to get money or perhaps more. The metre clearly indicated £12.00, which I didn’t have and I had no way of getting any money. Gwendolyn pulled the blanket from the basket and settled it on the ground near the edge of the pond. Stepping over to the clear water she looked down and saw that it wasn’t very deep and the bottom of it was covered with sand. ‘It’s a spring,’ Al said from behind her, making her jump a little as he wrapped his arms about her waist and looked over her shoulder, ‘Clean pure water… good for drinking or bathing.’ ‘Well,’ she said, giggling and tossing her head a little, ‘Bathing we shall not do!’.

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