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" But what I said was, "that was fantastic, thank you." To my surprise, she kissed me in reply. It was kind of weird – having just fucked me, I'd ha...e expected something more, but her kiss was chaste. Sure, it was on the lips, but it was just an affectionate, friendly kiss – without much passion at all. Then again, I reasoned, she was most likely some other guy's wife.I was given a few minutes to recover, and then I felt a single pair of hands caressing me. Aha, I thought, next! The mystery gal. I looked at my mate "what's going on here" I said "don't you remember the other night after I'd fucked you you said you wanted more cock" he replied. Yeah I remembered but that was in the moment not thinking much about it till now. My mate stood up and I could see his huge cock pressing in his jeans and I wanted it but was unsure as his new cousin was with us. He lent over and whispered in my ear " take your clothes off as I want to watch you suck him off for a little while as I like that" I. That's part of the real me. But all they wanted was the money. They heard pre-nuptial and they were out the door like they were on fire." Her voice soft.This was the hurt that Jake worried about. The hurt that she buried out of sight even from her family."Jessie. I don't want your money. Those men were all stupid. Yet, I think of them as the best friends I never had. Because they left you all to me. Your money means nothing to me. I adore your body, I love your looks, and I am not good at. I grabbed some hair, gently, and held her head, “I wasn’t going to stop babe.” She resumed sucking on me, now earnestly stroking me as she licked at the head. Damn she was good at keeping me on edge.“I would say that during the week I probably like to get off two or three times a day. On weekends it is definitely more like three or four. If we have sex, or you give me one of these wonderful hand or blow jobs, you can reduce that by two.”She pulled her mouth of me, damn, and sat up. She stroked.

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