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Then somehow some way my third chance presented itself. He caught said girl fooling around and found himself in a bad way, so naturally being a friend...I was the first one there. At this time I wasn’t even thinking anything sexual I just wanted to help my buddy be in a better space, which eventually happened. I started staying over at his place often and just hangin like old days then one night with some liquid courage he came strait out and asked me about the previous encounter at my place. "Yes, exactly the opposite of what you are. You bring such shame to yourself and your name, my chiquita Reyna. 'Pure' and 'clean' and you take a man's cock up your ass. You spend all of your time on the telephone, talking with men who jerk off to the sound of your voice." She said it all in Spanish and I understood every word, felt them in my gut, cried.She strapped me to the table like she always did - face down. The wooden table she used had two holes cut out for my tits and one for my face.. Her eyes wide as she held him , his fingers working her pussy into a lather, I could see she was very horny now. “ I can tell you both love the idea of Linda flashing her undies at guys, but have you ever gone further before? , as far as this ?” I shook my head unable to stop looking at his hand on Linda’s pussy, he was talking as if he already knew the answer, with a calm confidence that he was exciting us both by his actions. “I thought not, well you have taken a further step today it seems”. Her phone lit up once again. Send me a pic. I want to see your panties. Chloe froze for a moment, reading the text a second time. Was he being serious ? She tapped the phone idly on her knee before placing it carefully on the bedside table and standing in front of her mirror her hands on her hips. “What shall I do?” she said to herself. The reflection didn’t answer. She looked over her shoulder at the phone. It lay there, dormant. It was time to stop thinking. Chloe breathed out dramatically.

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