I Would Have Failed The Class Just So I Could... mp4

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I also began to hang out at a local pub called Dango’s Dingo. Don’t ask me what it means. I never bothered to ask, especially seeing as they never...asked me where I was from or where I was going.Respectful folk if you get my drift. They also moved weed, but not on the premises. I liked that, and it was very good quality stuff, and I should know. Otherwise I performed my managerial duties around the apartment complex, encountered minor problems and surmounted them.Then on a Thursday afternoon,. Paige returned with 2 very large glasses of wine. "Hmmmm" I thought to myself but rolled with it. Paige sits down across from and we begin the usual chit chat. Suddenly Paige blurts out..."this is the 5th class we have had together and I have had a huge crush on you for 2 yrs!" I instinctively blushed and was a little taken aback, I had never even noticed her 1 time in 2 years. She was that unassuming. So here I am unsure of what to say, when Paige says "2 yrs of wet panties in class and now. He's going to be begging for it ... Trust me." Begging for it?" She swallowed hard and I laughed."For another date," I told her. "I swear, Mom, it's like you come from another planet sometimes!" Me?" That got her to giggle at least, which was what she needed right about then. "At least I have a date."I rolled my eyes."Don't start with that," I sighed, pouring some oil in the pan. "I have a date tonight too."She always liked to nag me about getting a boyfriend, like that's all I was good for or. .say tht !..”i could just manage a nod but this time in acceptance..she said ” thnx !, i promise you i’ll make your first ime very special !, very special”i was looking at her in greedy astonishment but she stood up and moved out of the room…i thought, oh god, was this some kind of test of my character….if yes then i hv failed badly…fuck shit…if it wasn’t a test then why she would walk out of the room like that…i was thinking that she wud start having me after that talk between us…i kept.

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