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My already erect penis grew a bit more as if saying “Lady it’s all your”. I was wet with pre cum and I never realized that until she took it in hand and started applying it all over my penis to make it wet.And then the unexpected happened, she took my whole penis inside her mouth. If there is heaven on earth then this is it. I could see heaven in one go. She slowly started stroking me and sucking my penis. She took it deep in her throat and was slowly pulling the hairs on my penis to give. She blinked her eyes rapidly and herchest heaved, the nipples on her tits showing throughthe material.I had hurt her feelings. I could see a tear gatheringthe corner of one eye.“Really?” she asked, c*****g back a sob.I shook my head. “Not really, I’m sorry.”She looked down at herself, and then, without anotherword, reached behind her head and pulled off her top. Iwas surprised by the sudden display of naked femaleflesh. She was beautiful. Her tits were perfect. Well, I was looking for Krissa, that's all." Well, you found me, Rick, and got a pretty good eyeful while you did. Looks to me like you're the only one here who's still dressed," she said as she got up and came over to me and took my hand and led me to the center of the room where they both began pulling my clothes off.I didn't do anything to stop them, I mean, why should I, right? They were naked and they were getting me naked. I'm a guy, I was in heaven.I was just enthralled with these two. "We all sip our drinks and I can see the growing bulges in your trousers, watching you both squeeze your hardening cocks is getting me horny too, so I get up and go to the middle of the lounge so you can both get a better view of my stockinged legs and tight corset. "Mm that's it, bend over and show us that tight little ass of yours" so I pull my thong to the side showing you the tip of the butt plug and slowly walk backwards. "Have a feel mate if you want..." I hear master tell his friend. I.

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