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The shaggy bangs that topped Mallory Wright’s disdainful scowl found her once again.“Can I help you, Mallory?” She said, maintaining her renowne... eloquence. Daphne capped the request with a knowing smirk at the end of her pink painted lips—the satisfactory grin that only an arrogant teacher’s pet could don. “I can tutor you if you’d like.”Mallory cackled, both humored and frustrated by her classmate’s continued audacity. “Fuck you, bitch.” She brushed the fiery hair from her face to sure Daphne. Then I saw something else entirely. The "women" were men. Boys. Japaneseboys? I was so confused. Paul lead us thorough the bar, my hand enclosedin his. My fingers swallowed by his thick fat fingers."Paul!" I tried to yell over the music but it sounded like a franticshriek."What?" he yelled back to me as he cut us through the sea of clubbingmadness. I saw tall strong American's holding small, petite foreignerseverywhere I looked. It was madness."Paul, this is a gay bar!!!!" I said getting closer. "I told you I was going to the park with Jack today, right baby? I'll call you tonight when I'm home and you can come over." She handed her book bag off to him, like he was a pack-mule, and with another quick peck on the lips, she left her new boyfriend and headed toward the bus stop with her ex. "What a slut she is... How can that Michael even trust her with me?" thought Jack. But it was no matter to him, for he knew for a fact she wouldn't be faithful today, whether she was okay with it or. Mom bhi papa ko humiliate karne mai sabka sath de rahi thi aur maze bhi le rahi thi.Ye chudayi ka silsila puri rat tak chala hoga kyuki mai to aadhi rat mai hi so gaya tha. Mom ne apne sare lovers ke sath party bahut hi enjoy ki puri rat. Dusre din mai jab utha to dekha ki drawing room mai sab kuch saf kia hua tha. Sab log ja chuke the. Papa aur mom bhi apne bedroom mai soye huye the. Mom abhi bhi puri nangi hi so rahi thi. Mai ja kar t.v. dekhne laga. bad mai dopahar ke 12 baje mom uthi tab.

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