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She's attracted to women, too." So that's what the maybe is about, huh?" I hope she wants to try it. She makes me flow like a river. I'm not the only ...ne she's looking at either."Cerebus let out a little growl and rubbed a finger over her nipple. "It's been a while since we had another girl in our bed." I owe you one for sharing with that troubadour, too." What was his name anyway?" I don't remember." Christi laughed, and then pulled down the front of his pants to wrap her hand around his naked. I desperately need someone that I can establish an intimate emotional bond with and really be able to rely on so that I can surrender myself completely to them. I can give that person complete control over me, and let go of all the responsibilities in my emotional life. They can do anything they want to me or with me, Simon, but it's all about complete and absolute trust, like the trust I had with my grandmother. Then I can release all my inhibitions and be who I want to be."I stayed silent,. ". Jack, Sarah, Chris and Rachel all began filling in the forms as the receptionist spoke again."Each house is equipped with the latest amenities and have two miles of private beach. They should have everything you need. If not this center should be able to get you what you need." said the receptionist.She took some keys from under the counter and presented them to the couples. "Enjoy your stay." she added as she flashed a smile. More staff pick up the couples' luggage and ushered them outside.. "Putting her hand on my leg, she said, "Yes, you do Richard."It was quiet for a stretch of the drive. I looked down at her hand. She had no adornment on either hand ... such a waste of beautiful fingers. I feel certain of what I had planned for her after our surprise visit to Susan's place.Even though she told me to just come in whenever I came over, I knocked on the door anyway."Just a minute," we heard.The door opened and she broke into a beautiful smile, "Was I expecting you?" No, we just.

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