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What an honour to be drinking your brandy. Why my fa..." Your father!!! Oh I know him, Jessica. Served under me in Cyprus in the Fifties - damned fine...officer. He and Gwen's father think you're hiking across England! Bet they'd have a fit if they could see you now!! EHHH! And for Heaven's sake don't keep calling me Sir; makes me feel a hundred years old." How did you know who I am, Sir... er Teddy? We've never met as far as I know." He's very proud of you, Jessica, and with good reason. Showed. Debbie obliged and smiled as she stood up and displayed her tight small body to this stranger. Butch said “go ahead feel her up” and with that he put his hands on my wife’s small breasts and rubbed her nipples which were fully erect. Butch then said to his friend “watch this”, he grabbed my wife’s shoulders and put his cock head right over her mouth as he vigorously stroked it. I knew what he was going to do, he was going to cum all over my wife’s lovely face. Sure enough, he let out a loud. “You may have placed blocks in me it won’t help you escape. This entire room is a prison for you. Nothing you can do will allow you to make it out of here!” An evil laugh sounded as Alan felt a strong probing then an almost titanic force start to push him from his mind!“You obviously haven’t looked at all I did to you. There is a hell of a lot more than just blocks. Did you forget? I have a lot more abilities than you at first thought. I have seen the future, a lot of them actually and none of. Why there are so few Female Guardians." Noweveryone was poised to hear her next words. "Either you take theeducation of our young female population seriously and begin treatingthem as equals, or you will be replaced. Zassie, join me after thismeeting," she directed the young councilor.When no one else raised a question she continued. "I will be contactingQueen Natani of Lyconia to see if she has the same views on educationthat I have." She stepped back from the podium and the meeting was.

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