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Her motions were slow and deliberate, sometimes her hands moved in long strokes and others just her fingers would bend slightly. Her moaning grew loud...r as her breathing increased. I uncovered her breasts with my hand and used my finger and to lightly squeeze her nipples. I thought they were hard and excited before but doing this made them even harder. With every squeeze, Stef ground her ass against my cock and her hands continued moving on her soft hair. I covered her breasts again, giving. .. now that I think about it, I'dhave to say that it's hanging pretty good." "Oh... So, am I to take it that you've reconsidered?" "No!" Mike abruptly, if not angrily snapped. "No, Ihaven't reconsidered a damn thing! Make no never mind aboutit! I still want to talk to Magatrix and ask her about thatthing I want to ask her." "Good. I'm glad to hear you say that, pal. I mean, Ikind thought you might have changed your mind." "No!" Mike was emphatic. "I haven't changed my mindin the least little. ”“But you have a girl; I don’t want to be a part of something, like what my ex did to me.”“Well, I’m not trying to talk you into something; but you need to know how special my girl is, that I like so much. You see, she told me, to go have fun; meet girls, and fuck them; and then come back, and make love to her, and tell her about it all.”“Wow, really? I wish I could be like that; maybe, if I met someone special, like you, I could. Then I’d know, if he came back, he really did love me.”“Yeah, I. I am afraid we played a little trick on you that night in Manhattan. You see, my brother and I are twins. You met us both that night, perhaps not realizing it. When I went to get you that drink, it was my brother who brought it back to you. I wanted him to meet you, so I told him of our conversation, and he continued our chat in my place. A harmless deception I have come to use unnecessarily and too often, I'm afraid, but yet, still necessary at times. My needs have become... somewhat complex.

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