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Suddenly, he saw Rahul making himself comfortable, standing, leaning against an old tree and then he sat down on a grassy patch in the sunny area slig...tly surrounded and covered by the relatively high growing shrubbery. He was looking at John with his deep eyes and John found a seat across from him.Rahul’s hand was resting on his leg, just below the crotch area, looking very comfortable. Surprisingly, Rahul had started to rub his leg, just below the area where his cock was supposed to be. John. I had seen them on the top shelf of newsagents but had never looked inside one before and my heart began racing with excitement and my tummy stated tingling. Tom saw what I'd found and said we should take them inside. We sat down in the living room and he said I could look through them if I wanted to, it was perfectly normal and natural.I felt a bit awkward and shy but with his encouragement I started to flick though the glossy pages with the pictures of the beautiful women, their naked. “Hey, ma! Hey, Jere!”“Wassup, playa,” the younger son laughed.“Hi, sweetie! How was the date?”“It was good.”“Nice! What did you do?”“We ate at Applebee’s then went to the movies.”“Cool! How’s Ty’s grandmother.”“She’s doing pretty good.”“Okay, great! I’m going to drop Jere off at Mrs. Mary’s church and then you and I are gonna spend quality time in the city.”“Cool!”Her phone buzzed. It was Lynton. She asked him to hang on and that she’d call back in ten minutes when she got home. Coree went. . Nothing had happened yet, and I was already aroused, I thought to myself. ‘Tonight, ‘ Master said, drying Himself off. ‘ Tonight, we are going to try to stretch your boundaries. Now, I am fully aware of your hard limits, and am not going to test them, as I told you I would not from the beginning. I do however, believe that you have been living in your comfort zone for to long, and am going to push past that. You will wear the gag until it is time to begin in which I will remove it so you may.

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