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“Let’s find a stall in there.” Apart from an overpowering smell of urine, the utilitarian space, with its cracked white tiles and unshaded neon ...ubes, was empty. She pushed open a stall door and led me by the hand inside. We stood close together and she placed her hands lightly on my hips.“Look, honey, I don’t want to deceive you – and yes, I’d really like to come back to your motel to play tonight. But there’s something you need to know.” She removed one hand from my hip, took my hand in hers,. I love seeing your pathetic cock, all locked up in its little cage while you fuck your ass and leak cum all over your saucer. Don't you love it? Don't you love knowing that you'll end up licking your little saucer clean after all of this, and still be locked up in chastity?"I moaned into her leg, her pantyhosed leg, as I screwed myself in the ass. Luckily, she allowed this and didn't punish me for it. Over the course of a half hour, I had released the same amount of cum I would have shot out. "Sergeant Holly, I appreciate your dedication in bringing this intelligence to me so quickly. I see that you are quite at ease in the forest and that you have honed your field skills far better than others. You must have been raised in the country and not in the city like so many of our fighters."The pretty nubile fighter with the inviting flanks almost blushed at the compliment and Major Mike saw that she was receptive to his advances from the way she coyly smiled and rolled her curly hair in. Things got better when I moved up to high school. Kids from the other two middle schools were there and they didn’t know Toni. She of course tried to appoint herself Queen Bee again, but it didn’t work for her because the other two schools had their own cliques and circles and to them Toni was an outsider.I met new kids, made new friends and was finally able to find girls to date. That didn’t mean that my relationship with Toni faded into the background. She still took shots at me whenever she.

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