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I asked my mother, Amma can I put the light. She told okay I put the light. Now my mother was completely nude on the bed. For the first time I was the complete nude body of my mother.Ohhh it was marvelous. Once I caressed the whole body of my mother. I felt the softness of her body it was just like butter. I started to kiss her body and kissed from head to toe. Then I went for her boobs. I swallowed left boob in my mouth keeping my palm on right boob. I started to suck the nipple, biting. ‘I’d offer you some Claire, but it isn’t decaf,’ she added. ‘At 3:30 in the morning, I would hope not,’ Claire said laughing. ‘I’m gonna keep Jess and the kids company while you, Jake and Caitlin are at the briefing,’ Claire added. Danny shrugged. ‘Do whatever you want,’ he said. ‘Finally, a man who knows how to charm a lady,’ Claire said winking at Jessica as Danny left the house. ‘How are you feeling?’ Jessica asked. ‘Pretty good. But I’m so ready to have this baby,’ Claire said with a groan. You see while I had been away from Sunover falls, I hadn't been the only one playing with the boys. Heidi had gone along with her normal life, getting a reputation around school that most girls would die to have. All the guys wanted to get down her pants but never got a chance; the girls just seemed to follow her around like she was the best thing to happen in the world since sliced cheese. Problem was, Heidi was leading a double life at this stage. She loved to be a party girl, going out with. Time passed. We came into contact more and more often. She made a habit of coming into Algebra LG day and sitting beside me, and as we were studying French under the same teacher, we took up seats next to one another.It was all so innocent.Finally, after Christmas / New Year's holiday hullabaloo was done, and January was nearing its end, Sally approached me one day, and turned my world upside down."Juh, Jeff?" she stammered, blushing.I grinned. "Miss Sally! How are you?" I replied.Her blush.

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