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“How longs she been working here” asked the Earl, “just today” came the reply from Simon Atkinson the Earls estate manager, or “Atty” as h... was known to the other employees, a brute of a man with an evil mind and a deep disregard for women, the Earl liked and confided in him “ she came from that employment agency we use for casual labourers, Polish, only been in the country a week, “name” “Anna Pioski” Atty replied, “single, unattached, no family in the UK. The Earl pondered for a moment. But then, one day Beth showed up on a hot summer day sweating and her eye liner runningl, i said, are you ok?Is alyssa home? i kept knocking but there is nobody home? Nope, she is at work tonite. Are you ok i asked again? She replies, no, my bf and i had a big fight, he broke up with me and said he wants to be single and doesnt want a relationship after a year. She looked ready to cry. I said, awww beth, i have air conditioning in both my living room and bedroom, would you like to come in to. I saw her walk from around the corner and caught my breath. Jet black hair with a face that anybody would fantasize about, D cup boobs that were waiting to be grabbed, and the hottest body with an ass that was the perfect size. It was Briana, the girl that I fantasized about more than anyone else. I remember her from 8th grade, I had a huge crush on her, and she had a crush on me too. She was fucking hot then and now she is even more fuckable. “I brought her here because I know that you thought. I then unbuttoned and unzipped my pants, that's when the elevator noise hit me. Nervous I grabbed my shirt and started to put it back on, it's then the sound started to fade. "Chickening out already?" The voice mocked me."Sorry I just thought I heard something" So what if you do, now strip"I had to continue. Soon my pants were off and I was only in my tight boxers. "Is this ok?" I inquired."Oh no, I want you all the way nude" The sexy voice came back.And with a nervous sigh I slid off my.

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