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We had watched porn films consumed a lot of beer, and at least three full fifths of Hot Damn cinnamon schnapps. One of the college guys said he had a ...riend who was a part-time bouncer at one of the strip clubs across the river. If his friend was working the door, checking I.D.'s, he could get us in. A quick call on his cell phone and we were on the way.It was Friday night and I did not have to worry about being home. My mom was a hostess/bartender at a very exclusive dinner/theater club about. "Ron!!!"Ginny sighed as she put her sandwich down. "What do you want now!"Ron smiled at Ginny. "Just stopping by to give you this," Ron said."Why would I want this?" Ginny asked holding up Ron's football jersey.Ron looked at the cute girl in front of him and chuckled. "I just thoughtyou would look cute wearing it at the game tonight?" Ron said matter offactly.Ginny felt her face flush and her heart started racing. "Ohhh," she saidunsure of what to say next. "I don't know if I can go to the. .uh." I grunted, to the approaching ecstasy and let out a moaning sigh, "Uuuuhhhhooooo I shouldn’t, uh, let you do this, not a baby in my tummy…… uh.. uh.. oh yes, this is soooo fucking good, I want to cum, fuck my pussy harder and cum in me, give me a baby!." I leaned forward and for the first time watched the black cock now sliding effortlessly into my very wet and very tight pussy. The sight was so erotic and forbidden. His black glistening cock penetrating my very white and very bald,. Even after recently cumming, to my amazement, Shanes cock was huge again, responding to Marias attention. I could also see his hens egg-sized balls dangling and swaying with the couples activity. I instructed her to lay back, spread her legs for Shane and begin sucking my cock while he fucked her. I dont know what I was thinking but when Maria asked me to please let her suck Shane and for me to fuck her as she did not want to fall pregnant, I told her she was still my sex slave and I wanted her.

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