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My dick is pretty thick and wide,but I have never met a pussy I couldn't penetrate eventually. They areafter all designed to squeeze out babies. My...masculine needs were becoming more and more urgent and I was fastloosing my sense of interest in her comfort. I was in to about five inches, then seven. I gave a final mighty shoveand felt my balls bash against her ass giving me the most pleasurablesensations as they did so. I had lost myself inside her. The walls of her cunt were. .. was wrong with me?Such an uncomfortable spot.I picked up the phone. "Hey. Is this Carol?" What does my bum husband want? Did he have to give the phone to you?" Uhh... is it true that you are gonna be gone for good?" Yeah. Maybe I will send him the papers in the next two weeks or so." Dang." I'm sorry you are in the middle of this." It's... kinda okay."I then left the room making sure he wouldn't hear what I was going to say to him next."Umm. Carol. One question." Yeah?" Is he drunk? Can you. A few houses later she opened the gate to her own house. Her own mother was already home and busy with the preparation of the evening meal. Laura stuck her head into the kitchen and waved at her mum, who waved a wooden spoon back in reply.The climb up the stairs was painful. He had really given her pussy a pounding this time. She dumped her bag and coat in the corner and looked out a change of clothes. She really needed a shower.The water was warm and she luxuriated in the flow, running the. I was on stand by so I had to take what ever the airline gave me so I ended up in the tail of the airplane with this young lady and her two (2) c***dren. She was a very good looking lady with very fine legs beautiful hips (36") a very small waist (24") and a pair of great tits (36C) she was dressed in a big skirt and a sweater blouse she was a looker, her c***dren were 7 and 4 years old cute k**s we were in the center last row so it was 5 wide, we were the only ones in the last row. So we.

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