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" The order, for that was what it was, was delivered deadpan, no smile, no wink. I was put in my place. I nodded and stood, straightened my dress as I could and walked to the bathroom. Not daring to glance back to see if there was any sign of dampness on the chair. In the stall in the bathroom, I quickly removed my panties. They were very damp and I inhaled the scent of myself on them as I held them to my nose. I rubbed the gusset against my cheek, knowing this is where her foot had. Vic and Tom had flown the plane up. It was dedicated to hospital work and named, "Hope."After a few minutes, Vic came to me and asked me and Robby to come outside. He said, "We need to refuel for the flight back. Janice, you have to lead. Robby, please stand with her. I know you are worried sick but we just have to wait and that's the hardest to do. There are things that have to be done now and you are the one who leads."I gave myself an emotional shake. I said, "Robby, dear, that was good. It was not particularly affectionate. It wasn’t longing. It was sad, and ... relieved. I guess she was happy I was alive.The hug ended, and she looked at me kind of searchingly.“I can’t believe you are alive,” she said, “After all this time.” It was polite. It was proper. It was formal.“Sometimes,” I said, “I have trouble believing that myself, but here I am.”“Come in,” she said.It was a fancy apartment. It looked like a one bedroom, one and a half bath “entertaining” apartment. It had a large. Changin’ drag’n’s work tis risky business.”“Well, could you stay, and make sure I’ve done it right?” Veronyka asked sweetly after a moment.She got a wry grin in response. “Nay, I cannae stay. Tis a goo’ effort; I know wha’ you be doin’ me lady. Bu’ I mus’ go. If’n ya wait ‘til I return tho’, I can ‘zamin’ it b’fore removin’ th’ cover.”“Damn.” She sighed in defeat. “But I think we’ll both take you up on it.”“It’s getting late.” John reminded his friend. “But even if we fall asleep, come wake us.

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