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"I was starting to run out of ways to say it, but again I said, "What?!" We started....fooling around also." Are you k**ding me?", I asked."No. We about 5 or 6 times before he left."I couldn't believe it. Both of the friends I grew up with had been with each other and I have to say, I felt a little jealous."I wanted to meet with you because I had something to ask, but I needed to know how you felt about Steve and stuff first." Well, now you know everything." Well, that's actually good.. When he came back he asked me for $40, and I figured, 'What the hell, little miss innocence has to get her first stupid mistake out of the way'. He took my $40 and immediately put $20 in his pocket, then put "H I" stickers on my plane tags and asked me to follow him. We left the concourse and went outside where a Holiday Inn Shuttle Van was parked. There were 4 other people with bags, also having the H I tags. He palmed my other $20 to the driver. Once he put my bags next to the others he took. After that incident, I started to play more with my penis and reached the ejaculation. My penis started changing in size and shape within a year. It was evening and I was home roaming in the house. I saw some people in the basement of my house. I went down and saw my two cousin sisters and neighbor aunty mangali. Both cousin sisters were elder to me and the regularly visit our place. Both sisters care me a lot. Mangali aunt was recently married for the second time and has three kids. She was. "Lookat you, slut, you've made a mess down here." he said. "Agood hard cock inside you, is that what you want? Tell me, slut." He beganto rub his engorged cockhead over her slit as he talked to her. "Thisone? You want my cock, slut? Want me to fuck?you hard and deep, use you use you like the fuckmeat you know youare?" She beganto squirm under him, struggling to lift her aching puss and coax him inside,muffled pleading he couldn't understand coming from around the cloth fillingher mouth..

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