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As soon as I reached there, I was asked what my preferences are? Whether female or male?‘absolutely female’ I told the beautiful representative gi...l with a smile. I jokingly thought if I should buy her instead. I was excited. They gave me a printed list, about 25 names written, with age, ethnicity and ranking based on their appearance. I told them I would be looking for a south indian. I have always had the crush for these beautiful south indian chicks. About seven will be available, I was. I exhaled, laughing lightly "no, i doubt I can get out tonight"He laughed shaking his head "but you'd do it again wouldn't you?"I smiled "In a heartbeat"He sat down at a table and faced me "you know your going to be late to class"I sat down and nodded "I just wont go" It seemed like I never ceased to surprise him. "bad girl" he smiled crookedly at meI shrugged "Last night was real wasn't it?" I looked up at himHe looked down at the table then up at me "what are you talking about?" he said'oh. Now her tits were hanging off each side of her chest, almost to the surface of the mattress, but her protruding belly and little pouch seemed to melt back into her body. She patted her thighs and said, "Get to work, boy."I climbed on the bed and straddled her thighs, letting my weight down slowly onto them. I leaned over to reach up to her shoulders and had to scoot up a little. Now my penis was lying in her bush as I drizzled oil on her upper chest and began to massage it in. When I finished. He came close, unhooked the blouse and lifted it over my head. His nose and lips were near my hairless armpit sniffing and caressing. It tickled me and I wriggled in pleasure.He kissed and sucked over the boobs area, trying to feel my fleshy boobs through the bra. It was making me shiver in delight. One of his palms unhooked the bra, while the other, unclasping the skirt, rendered me almost nude, except the brief. He carried me in his hands, laid me on the bed softly and his actions were.

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