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She struggled to get showered and dressed and her make up sunk straight in as she applied it, she was annoyed with herself for drinking so much the pr...vious night but couldn’t do anything about it so took a couple of paracetamols and hoped she would feel better before Bob arrived.She had taken care in dressing, though she struggled with it, as she found another pair of red knickers, she pulled on her denim skirt, her short denim skirt, her legs looked good if nothing else, she had shaved them. Suddenly jeya went downand pinched my nipples which made me open my mouth. It went in. I was not evenable to breath. He fucked my mouth for about 10 minutes. Through out this timeJeya was pinching my nipples. I was in total pain. Then i was turned to lie onmy stomach. I knew what was going to happen. I shouted "noooooo.. dontfuck my asss.. It is harmful" But Jeya just lifted my ass upwards. I felti couldnt stop it. Anyway i tried to control it. I shouted "please dont doit fast.. Do it slow". It was that sort of sixth sense that guided him to a nice three-point landing back on solid ground.This was a case that started with a favor and was progressing with a promise and now I was uncertain if the entire scenario was something that was nothing more than an elaborate ruse to hide the true facts of what unseen forces were manipulating all the players including me like trained puppet masters from behind the curtain.I had to admit, I hadn’t seen this degree of deviousness since the. Mum and Dad dress casual and the rest wear saris, including the guard team. What a colourful lot. Sarai dresses me to match. We take the a van. First stop a jewellery store to get some jewellery to fit with saris for everyone. Next the store where we’d bought our current saris. The bitchy supervisor doesn’t recognise us at first. Sharla has the day off, so Sarai chooses one of the other junior staff and makes a point to ignore the gossipy senior staff.We buy some low and top end outfits for.

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