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I desperately wanted to experience my fantasy of teasing and pleasing another man.I often explored the wilds on my own and over time discovered a numb...r of very private places in the surrounding backcountry. For me, privacy plus nature pretty much equals nudity. Exploring animal trails, creeks and open ridges completely naked and exposed to the sun and air was common for me. The further I ventured from the security of my clothing the more excited I became. This excitement would cause a stiff. I looked at her with a small smirk and ran my hand along her cheek in a loving manner. She flinched away and tears began to fall down her face as I laughed at her humiliation. I slowly stepped back and said with a cool voice"Take off your shirt; want to see those breast!" She slowly did so. She didn't seem to mind taking the clothes off I think she was more afraid of what I would do to her sexually. I smiled as her shirt came off and in all their glory her breast stood proud. I latched onto. ....are you alright Maxie. You look flushed and seem confused." Oh I'm fine........"I dashed back......."just doing a little too much holiday shopping I guess."Always the know-it-all Lana replied "You better see a Dr. just to be safe." I was having all I could do to keep myself together.....nothing a Dr. could do about this...and then I felt his finger slide inside easily......searching for my g-spot. Damn, that man.......he really knew how to get at me! There was no question as. V talked about her latest sexual assault. Then the sound of the front door being violently shoved broke Harry out of his bored state, his sister wandered in lazily shoving her keys back into her bag. She was wearing a tight black skirt that stopped a mid thigh, she wore a white tank top with a grey fur coat over the top. Her hair hung low, with the odd strand sticking out to the side, she struggled on her purple high heels as the carpet gripped at it, Mel eventually being forced to abandon her.

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