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" Y-you c-cannot," she stuttered. "I am Balor's." I might not, but you certainly can. If you wish my help, Lady Isobel, in retrieving your poor bewitc...ed Balor from the hands of my evil bride-to-be, you must wish to give me something in return." A-anything b-but that, please, sire."Magnus took a step back, his black eyes slowly turning back to green. "Go. You bore me with your theatrics." He looked deep into her eyes seeing the anger that rose to the forefront. "Wait," he said with a smile.. So I trusted you. I felt the spit hit my chest and then the hands roughly lifting my limp cock while the other circled my sack and pulled my testicles as far as they would stretch from my torso.My hands were then bound together but instead of having them lifted above my head, you strapped my wrists between my ankles. It didn’t take long for me to imagine how exposed I must have appeared in that position. My ass was sticking up high, while my face was just below waist height. It was not a. Shreyashi was shocked, startled, in disbelief of what just happend. She froze for a second trying to reason that it couldnt be true, bt then when the senses prevailed, so did her temper! She turned around in a whiz held those hands and smack!!! Slapped the guy right on his face! "You bastard!" Everyone was shocked! No one had seen what had happened beacuse of the darkness in the dance floor. And Shreyashi reacting like this wasn't normal. All the guys around her moved away as the guy whom she. The kids were down in the basement playing. While the four of us were napping and making love, Mimi had disappeared. Well not actually disappeared, but she had taken off in Leah's new hybrid Lexus sedan. It seemed that my five partners in crime had cooked up this evening's plans without me.Somehow I found myself all dressed up with a dinner date. Geoff, Melinda, Leah and Katie were staying behind to watch the kids."Tiffany and Jeremy are used to Mommy having to go out with clients for dinner,".

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