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Indeed, it wasn't anything that Alex ever did that troubled her but more those opinions he expressed that most came into conflict with the green, poli...ically correct and occasionally mystical views that Bella held.She was a woman who was not only well-informed on the green issues of the day but knew exactly the right words to express her views, while Alex floundered in a morass of political incorrectness and naiveté. In truth, Alex was still not entirely convinced that climate change, species. She appeared to be a business women. She was probably around 5 feet tall and quite gorgeous. I asked if I could share her table; just hoping by a long shot that I could take her eventually to my home. My panties were already dripping wet with desire from staring at her from the start. We started talking about our lives and to my surprise; although she was married, we had a lot in common which made me even more horny. I told her that I was off the next day so we agreed to meet at my house for. She couldn’t really understand why it happened, but when she first saw us having sex, she had to go to her room and ravage dad. She purposely left the door open, and talked dirty extra loud, hoping that we would come and watch. She also said that she was horny as hell again, after watching us have sex.“Jesus Kenny, I am so horny, I would probably fuck you right now”.“Do it mommy. I would love watching that”.“What about you Kenny? What do you think about what I said”?“Mom that would be a little. I told myself it wasn't time and walked back out of the store. A few months later, I walked past the store again and the band was still in the window. I looked up at the sky and told Freddy to settle down, I had time.January that following year, Chad and I had been together a year and a half. I finally walked back into the jewelry store and bought the two matching bands. I had them in my pocket when I came home that Saturday from work. I found Chad in the bedroom organizing the closet. It still.

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