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By the way, do you always look so good?’ Leigh chimes in with ‘No. Actually, some of the time, he looks MUCH better.’ Lisa says ‘Whoa! I’m...going to have to see that.’, then shifting gears she continues ‘Steve, I owe you an apology. I have been rude to you, arrogant and just plain wrong. I can see how much you love Leigh, and how much she loves you. I couldn’t bear to see that before. She is happy, with a man for God’s sake, when I have been her lover since college. Then you came in with your. Richard started with the third movement. Irina started making a mental list of the things he needed to work on in the piece. While the teacher inside her kept a critical ear on the playing, her mind drifted off slightly. As he played through the first variation, she got increasingly excited about working with Richard this year. He was inherently musical. As with most young pianists she encountered, he didn't posses the subtle technique to let that musicality shine most of the time. Instead,. ” “Ohhh no, really?” “Yeah, I’ll try and snag a bed before anyone else gets in there! I’m not paying for a taxi now past midnight, they’ll be charging silly money!” “That’s fair enough” I said. “Yeah alright then, I’ll see you later” Tom shook Ricks hand and stepped aside as he made his way back through the kitchen and disappeared into the noise coming from within the house. For the next hour or so Tom paid more attention to me and I actually began to enjoy myself after having felt pissed off. We head down the rock, part way climbing, part way sliding on the slippery limestone.We head down by the large chunks of rock that have fallen off the rock in past times. Hanging Rock stays true to its name and hangs above our heads, protecting us from the full force of mother nature's storm. The rain is really pouring now, small streams drip from the rock. We stand under the cliff and hold hands.We watch in awe at the amazing storm, our own storm only beginning to brew. I start to turn towards.

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