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"Oh my god," Nicole gasps as I finish my tale. "Laura... So much for a'happy Christmas'..." It's not all bad," I shrug. "I got my brother back, which ...s something,I guess. And I've lived without my dad for nine years... I don't WANT himback." He sounds even worse than Harriet's dad," Megan muses."How can anyone think it's right to talk to a twelve year old girl likethat?" Priya spits."YOUR dad is much more of a dad to me than my so-called 'real' dad is," Isay."Sometimes I forget how lucky we. The temptation to hide and jerk off as I watch is suddenly interrupted by Katie seeing me.Our eyes lock.He’s slowly sliding in and out of her, but her eyes are fixed on mine.I don’t look at him. I don’t hear what he says to me.I find myself walking over to them. I walk directly to her. My lips cover Katie's, our tongues sliding together. Mouths open, we kiss hard as he fucks her. She moans into my mouth. I feel her body tensing as his huge hard cock plunges into her.Pulling my mouth from hers,. Mother’s Day,” she thought. I’m no wife and now I’ll never be able to get David’s photo studio. A failure as a wife and a failure as a mother as well.Another drink and she fell onto the couch in a stuporous fog.David had urged an early return from the trip so as to have time to stop at aa florist and pick up the flowers he had ordered earlier. He bounded up the walk anxious to see this woman with whom he wanted to make plans.“Hey, is there a good looking woman in the house?” he yelled. Aditi’s anus immediately reacted to my touch and started opening and contracting. I slid a finger in and kept up a to and fro motion into her anus.She groaned with pleasure and just put her head down and enjoyed the new sensation. All her sucking and slurping got my cock to its full size of 7 inches and ready for action.I rose from the bed and gently walked her to the attached restroom. She stood in front of the large mirror. I stood behind her, looking at her in the mirror, gently cupping her.

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