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“What a beautiful sight”, was Frank’s words, as he entered the room alone. He took something from a drawer, and she felt that he was smearing h...r pussy and ass with some cream. The short glimpses she got of his body, she could see that he was ready for combat. It made her tremble inside, especially not knowing what to expect this time, she had a hunch, but who could be sure?He caressed her bottom, and the he gave her a light spank with the hand, she was surprised, then once more he spanked her. ‘You’re going to love this.’ I kiss you again and start moving my body up and down on your shaft, slowly at first, and then I start to grip your dick with every stroke. All of a sudden, I begin going faster. I violently thrust my body up and down and you moan every time I come down on you. Every time I slam against your balls, you moan. I start moving faster, this time pulling almost completely off you. Letting your head out of my opening, but still within my folds, and then slamming back down. . having run several marathons. And I keep running now.If other cars were in the park, obviously other guys, Jerry would invite them to park behind him car to watch a "naked guy" walk through the parking lot over to his car.Sometimes, there were two or three cars lined up for the show.After I walked to his car, Jerry would lower his window and invite my hard cock in. He would suck me dry while the guys in the other cars would just see my naked ass pumping in and out of Jerry's window.But !!!. Hey, it's really great to see you again," Ronnie said starting the truck. Lucky walked around, got into his car and left. Ronnie picked up his phone and called weirdo. We were leaving here," he started. "Fuckin' manager caused us some shit so we gotta leave. Follow us," he added backing up. It was almost 8 now and getting dark."What happened?" Deek asked as we pulled out of the truck stop."He just had to make it look good. That shit head manager of the truck stop called the cops on us 'bout.

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