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I gave a naughty smile.My eyes were looking for my missing boyfriend whom I found soon in a bar table. One girl was lying on his table. There was his ...rink at the table too and some food maybe. The girl who was lying in his table was wearing a saree. He just threw out his saree down and made her stomach exposed.Her navel and boobs in a sexy bra came out. My cheap scoundrel boyfriend poured his drink in her navel and started drinking the drink licking her navel. And the girl was caressing his. I leaned down and grabbed his shoulders and pressed down into him and let out a loud moan. I could feel and hear my pussy juices with each motion thrusting on top of him. He was moaning and pushing me further onto of his cock, deeper, wetter. My one hand went to his hair grabbing it and my other hand on his hip, continuing to thrust faster, deeper. My body was tingling, the t-shirt was wet, my nipples erect and my eyes barely opened looking into his eyes. I could see in his face that he could. “Where's your hymen, Terrie? Did you break it playing sports? Or did you let a guy fuck you?”“My boyfriend,” she whimpered, her eyes widening as I pumped in and out of her. “You are a slut,” I purred. Her suddenly juicy cunt clenched down on me. Then she raced to the boys, her feet slapping by the pool. “No running by the pool! You don't want to get hurt! You're a slut, not an idiot.”She slowed to a brisk walk.I shivered, sliding to the next girl. “Veva, are you a slut?” I asked, my hand. I even use those new high strength windows. They are even bulletproof until you use something heavier than a 9mm parabelum. All I had to do was replace three interior doors and fasten the steel frames in with a heavy stud gun. It isn’t even obvious that it is a trap until you can’t get out.’ ‘O.K. guy, it sounds like you are on top of the problem. Give a yell if you need some help when the party starts.’ *************** Seshawn and his ‘Rent-A-Thugs’ had arrived early Friday to try to get into.

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