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And before I explain something more let me tell you guys, being a guy it may be easier to control yourself from fucking a girl who is offering herself...to you but nearly impossible to control from stroking your cock when 2 hot ladies are having a lesbo time. That too in my case it was an exotic experience as one was an Indian and the other was a German both at the best of their figures and hot as hell.Coming back to the situation, stroking my cock I watched both the ladies and they were making. Your tongue leaves a wet trail. I feel your lips kissing all the way down my slit and back up again. I am insane with desire! My heart racing! You slide 2 fingers into my pussy, teasing me at first, pushing them into the opening. I lift up off the bed, forcing your fingers further inside, then rest on the bed again, lifting up and down, my pussy fucking your fingers. In and out. ‘Please suck my clit!’ I whisper breathlessly. Your lips close over my clit. ‘Yes! Like that! Don’t stop!’ I moan.. So I lay down next to her and holding her breast with one hand I took the other nipple in my mouth and sucked on it. After about 5 minutes I found her moving a bit but still had her eyes closed. I crossed over to the other side, and took the other breast in my mouth and at the same time moved my fingers to her cunt.I started off with one finger in, that went in quite smoothly considering how much of lube she had secreted. I rubbed her clit for a while and then gradually I was working on her. .Zahin Khan ne mujhey mera haath apne Lund per rakhdiya aur kaha….”iski bhi maalish karo”…kooch dair baad wo mujhey chimmut ker kisses kerne laga….auur phir mujhey kaha ke uskey Lund ko choosoon…..mein ney inkaar kia…tau mujhey dhamki de ke wo police ko merey rufeeji status ka bata de ga….mein durr gaya….aur phir mein ney uskey Lund ko choosa…koi 15 minutes ke baad uss ne merey moonh me apna juice daal dia….phir mujhey siddha kerkey apney galley se lagaliya….jub uska Lund dobara khara hoo.

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