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“That feels good Kin-chan,” said Naruto as he looked down at the girl. Kin stopped and looked up at him with his dick still in her mouth. “Just ...e careful with your teeth.” She said nothing but went right back to work bobbing her head with vigor. Never before had anyone complemented her on doing a good job. She began to work her tongue along his shaft as a way of saying thank you. “Kin-chan, I’m going to cum!” The next thing she knew was that something hot shot into her mouth. She drank as much. ”Mica butted in, “That monster isn’t our father. We learnt that the man we thought of as our grandfather sired us on Lilly. Mick’s father was Tare, and he isn’t even related to us since grandma Shelly was his mother. He is an imposter. Smithy is the new Lord of Metal Shire since our true father is dead. Mick and Tare killed him too.”“What a bloody mess,” Tim swore. He looked at Smithy, “So my Lord, who do you wish to send to Weston?”I think Smithy was a little surprised that Tim was. “Alright.” He kissed me again and my own cock was standing at attention. I moved my hand down on his thigh and could feel the bulge in his jeans. I fumbled around on the zipper while massaging his tongue with mine. I pulled the zipper down and put my hand inside. I found his cock and pulled it through the hole. I started to rub up and down the shaft and was shocked to find it was 7 inches. He moaned as I rubbed up and down the shaft. I broke of the kiss and moved down to kiss his huge cock. He. .. super... duper... sl-ow." She lookspointedly at the subs, where thing and pet both shiver in fear andexcitement."Ladies, please take your positions. There are gloves and lube if you'dlike them. Please unlock your boy's boys."All of the dominatrices use their keys to unlock the chastity cages fromthe subs. Most of them sprang immedicalely to life, the stimulationalready too much for them."You can take out their gags, if you'd like, but I find that the subs doa lot of pathetic begging at this.

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Beard Man Kissing



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Sweet kissing

Sweet kissing

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