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”Naomi walked by next, “Master, I don’t know what is going to happen, but I want to be a part of it. I could really use some stress relief.”I ...aughed, “Naomi, just make sure they can do their job tonight.”Naomi laughed, “I will try, and you know your wives better than anyone else.” She turned and followed them into the bedroom.Still laughing, “That’s what I am worried about.”As they walked toward the master bedroom, Zach stepped next to me, “It’s a good thing your father filled me in on the. I guess I'm twisted in some way but Iknow what I like and this had been one fucking hot night.The man behind me groaned loudly and let go a hot load of sperm, right upmy butt. He slammed into me a few final times then pushed me off, slapped myass several hard slaps and then left me laying there as he exited the stage.I just laid there. Nobody had told me what to do so I waited for my nextorders. I reflected on the weekend while I lay there with cum oozing out ofall my holes. It was amazing how. "Jerome, determine Melville's whereabouts. Jason might be... yes... good. Keep in touch." Dad turned to me. "We've kept a loose tail on Melville. Jerome said he'd cover him with a dozen operatives. If Jason shows up Jerome and his men will stop him, will try keep him from putting himself in harm's way."I worried. We all worried, but especially Sara and I. We took turns playing the blame game until finally Dad put his foot down."Enough!" he shouted. "Both of you stop it, and stop it right now.. I even took a couple of pictures just to see what they looked like. On the little screen they seemed to be OK though the camera informed me that they were being taken at ISO thirty-two hundred, I knew that two hundred and four hundred were film speeds so a speed of thirty-two hundred must have been something special.By the time I'd finished fiddling with the camera and making myself comfortable the sprinklers had started up, all I needed now was the main attraction.I was looking out for anyone.

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Bhai Bahan Ki Chudayi

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